International Cooperation for the Convergence of Technical Requirements for the Assessment of Feed Ingredients

We work together to achieve consistent technical requirements for the assessment of feed ingredients.

What We Do

Harmonize technical requirements

Establish a network of experts

Enable knowledge sharing

Facilitate global trade

Reduce, refine and replace animal testing

Contribute to food safety

Want to assess the risk linked to your feed ingredient?

Want to run a specific test required for the registration/authorization of your feed ingredient?

Want to get your feed ingredient approved or authorized by one of our member countries?

Want to market a feed ingredient?

Want to develop guidance documents in your own regulatory jurisdiction?

ICCF Founding Members

Through their work, the ICCF members aim to facilitate the approval or authorization of feed ingredients across jurisdictions to support the feed and food chain as it works to safely and sustainably meet the global growing demand for animal protein.

ICCF produces technical guidance documents that:

  • Enable convergence of the risk assessment requirements for the approval or authorization of feed ingredients across different jurisdictions
  • May facilitate the recognition of the outcome of risk assessments between different jurisdictions
  • Are available for reference and use by other jurisdictions around the globe
  • Help feed businesses develop risk assessments for the feed ingredients they manufacture
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