Through their work, the ICCF members aim to facilitate the approval or authorization of feed ingredients across jurisdictions to support the feed and food chain as it works to safely and sustainably meet the global growing demand for animal protein.

Want to assess the risk linked to your feed ingredient?

Our guidance documents follow internationally accepted steps of the risk assessment process and will help guide you through the different steps that need to be considered, such as product identification and characterization, conditions of use and safety for the workers/users, target animal species, environment and consumers of food products.

Want to run a specific test required for the registration/authorization of your feed ingredient?

Our guidance documents will support you in focusing on the important areas to be considered and on the acceptable analytical approaches and methodologies that are recognized.

Want to get your feed ingredient approved or authorized by one of our member countries?

Our guidance document consensually developed by our members will provide you with the relevant data requirements and analytical needs to complete an acceptable risk assessment package for your feed ingredient.

Want to market a feed ingredient?

Whether your feed ingredient needs to be approved or authorized or not, our guidance document will support you in conducting your own risk assessment, which can lead to the production of a safe and effective feed ingredient. Following the recommendations in the guidance documents could lead to a positive recognition by risk assessors and stakeholders.

Want to develop guidance documents in your own regulatory jurisdiction?

Use the existing guidance documents as a starting point and adjust them to your local situation. You may even consider joining the ICCF in developing new guidance documents.

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