This guidance document addresses the approach to be taken for evaluating the need for further studies to assess the risk of a feed ingredient on the environment, under the proposed conditions of use. It includes a decision tree for the potential exclusion of feed ingredients from the need to assess its risk on the environment. Furthermore, for ingredients, which are not excluded, it provides a simple approach, based on the risk quotient, to evaluate whether the potential concentration in the environment would necessitate further assessment. This guidance document will be supplemented by a second guidance document providing more information on the next steps, for feed ingredients necessitating further evaluation.

Suggested citation: ICCF EWG ‘Feed Ingredients Environmental Safety Assessment Approach’. Tarrés-Call J.1, Cluster R.2, Johson-Couch K.2, Patterson S.3, Maier M4, Heintz M.5, Nasir Z.6, Teeter S.7, 2023. Guidance on feed ingredient environmental risk assessment approach. ICCF, 2023. 22 pages

1 EFSA / 2 FDA / 3 CFIA / 4 FEFANA / 5 AFIA / 6 ANAC / 7 IFIF

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