This guidance document addresses the storage stability of feed ingredients, as such or when incorporated into their intended matrices (ingredient market formulation, premixtures, feeds, feed supplements and drinking water for animals). It also addresses the in-process stability of feed ingredients, while processing the intended matrices.

Suggested citation: ICCF EWG ‘Stability Testing of Feed Ingredients’. Tang L.1, Gwayumba W.2, Ponghellini M.3, LaMarta J.4, Pierre F.5, Rivera V.6, Lund B.T.,7, 2019. Guidance on the stability testing for feed ingredients. ICCF, 2019. 15 pages

1 FDA / 2 CFIA / 3 DG Sante / 4 AFIA / 5 FEFANA / 6 ANAC / 7 IFIF

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